Category: Road signs

Road signs contain instruction, orders or warnings to help motorists plan their journey, keep safe and obey the rules of the Highway Code.

Road signs offer the motorist a comprehensive way of communicating the laws of the Highway, the ability to keep safe and to plan a journey.

There are many road signs in the UK. These road signs come in various shapes and sizes with different meanings.

Warning Road Signs

Warning road signs are triangle shaped road signs and they are intended to warn motorists of up-coming hazards in the road. There are many forms of warning road signs, each with a different meaning. Some of the most common warning road signs are:

  1. Warning of bends in the road
  2. Warning to give-way
  3. Warning of side roads
  4. Warning of a 2-way road
  5. Warning of a roundabout ahead
  6. Warning of a pedestrian crossing ahead
  7. Warning of animals crossing the road ahead
  8. Warning of children nearby
  9. Warning of a FORD ahead
  10. Warning of traffic lights ahead.

Order Road Signs

Order road signs are a circle in shape. They often come with either a red ring around the outer edge or they come with a blue background. Usually, a red order indicates a negative order, and if the road sign has a blue background this is a positive order. Typical order road signs include:

  1. Speed limit order road signs
  2. Speed minimum order road signs
  3. No entry order road signs
  4. One-way order road signs
  5. Mini Roundabout order road sign
  6. Cycle route order road sign
  7. Pedestrian walkway order sign
  8. No stopping order road sign
  9. No waiting order road sign
  10. Red route road sign

Information Road Signs

Information road signs are road signs that give directions or information to motorists. These road signs help the motorist plan their journey and destinations. Information signs detail local tourist attractions to inform motorists what is around them. Typical direction road signs include:

  1. Motorway destination signs
  2. Countdown marker signs
  3. Tourist attraction road signs
  4. Haulage road signs
  5. Roadwork road signs
  6. Town destination road signs
  7. Local destination road signs
  8. Superstore destination/information road signs
  9. Retail park destination/ information road signs
  10. Parking road signs

Other Types of Road Traffic Signs

There are 100s of road signs in the UK. WIth various meanings and warnings. There are some road signs that do not conform to the typical generic shaped road signs of the three standard shapes.

Tram Road Signs

Tram road signs are diamond in shape. Which is unique to trams. The road signs are for the use of tram drivers to inform them of what to do and order.

Stop Junction Signs

The STOP junction road sign is octagonal in shape. This road sign was designed to stand out from typical give way road signs. In the eventuality of snow, the STOP junction road sign would still be visible, and recognisable if the road sign was covered in snow!