The Best Sat Navs For Delivery Drivers

Best Sat Navs for delivery drivers

Do you know what kind of Sat Nav would be best for delivery? Well, here on our list are the best Sat Navs that delivery drivers can use when working or on duty. Take note, the secret to managing a successful delivery business is to ensure that you get from the pickup to the drop-off point on time.

Whether you’re an efficient seeking business owner or a dedicated delivery driver, these reviews will be sure to help you avoid delays, and minimise the errors when delivering food or packages to your customers!

It can be essential for those who own delivery businesses. Because it can be vital to leverage the best commercial sat navs available so your delivery drivers would get the best driving route on the road.

The common problem for this kind of business is inefficiency that can lead to potentially lower sales and higher expenses. Because of that, the best solution would be to get a commercial sat-nav. Once you have this device, your team or staff would have an easier and more efficient shift that would significantly increase the chances of delivering on time and reduce any costs.

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Why Have A Sat Nav Than A SmartPhone?

The sat nav is a tool that allows you and your drivers to plot the best route for various destinations. The most basic and accessible phone application available is Google Maps. It is easy to use, reliable, and widely available for everyone.

It could work well for those who drive for leisure but it may not always meet what professional courier companies frequently need from their drivers.

Whenever you use Google Maps, multiple stops may make it hard to link into more extensive routes. This app also doesn’t have the different features that will allow courier services businesses to become more accessible, like tracking customer information, saving routes, and visualisation features that can let you easily spot high-priority clients in your area.

Aside from that, the multiple stops in Google Maps may be too daunting for any average user to learn how to use. That is why it is vital to find the best sat nav that you can easily use for everything you need in your delivery business.

When deciding which sat nav would be best for your business or your job, you need to be concerned about connectivity, battery life, features, and cost. Aside from that, it would be best if you worked out which would be your preferred mapping system.

Take note that sat navs that come with features such as live traffic updates would be more expensive. However, having this can make a lot of difference whenever you get stuck in a traffic jam. Nevertheless, here are the best sat-navs for delivery drivers of any scale:

Commercial Sat Navs

TomTom GO Rider 450

Even if this sat nav is mainly intended for motorcycle fleets, it has so many significant advantages that you shouldn’t ignore as it can be worthy of investing in the value of a safety-first sat nav. TomTom GO Rider 450 features a stable and reliable 11-centimetre display that stays weatherproof, whatever the condition may be.

Aside from that, it allows the biker to choose the kind of road they feel comfortable with, from winding and hilly to straight. Using this on a bike can be great as the sun won’t affect the screen’s readability. Because of that, GO Rider can be perfect for courier service businesses that are bike-centric.

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Garmin DriveSmart 50LMT-D

Here is a great sat nav because it provides live traffic and lifetime mapping information that can be great for anyone with a delivery service business. It has a dual-orientation, five-inch touchscreen that you can pinch to zoom the display.

With its customisable driver alerts, drivers will become aware of any hazard like school zones or sharp curves. It even provides Smartphone notifications, hands-free control, and hands-free calls because of BlueTooth integration.

Even if its voice control may be unreliable, it has excellent phone integration similar to the other sat-nav devices of Garmin. The directions may approach plain English and suggest that you turn when you pass specific landmarks instead of merely informing you of the distance.

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MIO Mivue Drive 65 LM

Reports have said that the Mio MiVue Drive 65 LM is the only sat nav with an Extreme HD dashcam. Aside from that, it may not be just practical for taking records of other road users’ madcap antics. With this sat nav are two driver safety features that are incredibly functional as it leverages the F1.8 1296p @ 30fps camera.

It can help people through the FCWS (Forward Collision Warning System) and LDWS (Lane Departure Warning System) that are meant to help anyone so they won’t get involved in any terrible situation.

Aside from that, the Rio MiVue Drive 65 LM features a lifetime map, a big 6.22-inch display, as well as safety camera and traffic updates as long as you own this device. However, the Lifetime maps may come with a caveat. Even if most European countries are included, it does not include Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Switzerland, and France. However, you may rent or buy maps separately.

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TomTom Go Discover

Even if this device does not have the older Sat Nav Go Premium’sPremium’s IFTTT programming functions, TomTom Go Discover is better than this in every way. Compared to the older TomTom, this device has a more prominent six or 7-inch HD screen with 1290 x 800 resolution.

Aside from that, it can be effortless to look for destinations with this, and it has excellent voice instructions with super visual feedback that can help you navigate junctions or find your way through any busy town. Aside from that, bundled with it are helpful dashboard or windscreen mounts that can securely hold this hefty 7-inch model in its position.

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Garmin Driveluxe 51 LMT-D

Here is a sat nav offered by Garmin with the same set of features as the 61 LMT-S. However, it comes with a smaller screen. Even if many drivers may consider this as disadvantageous, this screen may be what other drivers prefer as it does not take too much space when it’s on top of the dashboard.

It has a nifty Wi-Fi and Bluetooth that respectively connects your phone and updates the mapping data. It even features traffic information, an hour of battery life, and speed camera alerts to help you on a short journey.

Aside from that, this sat nav even has Foursquare and TripAdvisor’sTripAdvisor’s point-of-interest information that will always let you know which place to visit wherever in the world you may be.

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TomTom Go 620

Even if this sat nav is a bit more expensive than most of the sat navs on our list, it has numerous features and even does more compared to the others.

With this device, you can get maps of the whole world for a lifetime with lifetime updates on the locations of speed cameras, lifetime traffic information through your Wi-Fi software and smartphone, smartphone notifications, and hands-free calls.

Aside from that, please take note that it will allow you to have a capable magnetic mount with a capacitive six-inch touch screen. Experts say this is an excellent device with 3D buildings of cities and coverage of many places on the planet.

However, if you want to go to Ukraine, you may only be covered 65% of the time. TomTomGo 620 even supports so many languages. Furthermore, since it comes with a free traffic camera service, this device can be a desirable investment in the long term.

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The Beeline Moto

Here is an excellent and straightforward sat nav for motorbikes. Even though this sat nav may not be a do-it-all device similar to bigger in-car and motorcycle sat navs, it allows you to watch the road instead of the screen freely. Take note that this Moto also leverages your phone’s Google Maps for routing and uses a simple arrow interface to provide navigation instructions.

According to reports, this sat nav offer sufficient information that can guide you where you want to go without having to jam-pack you with so much extra information that can be distracting. This motorbike sat nav may not be great for you whenever you need to have BlueTooth audio and detailed information about traffic, colour routing, and camera.

However, if you only need something affordable, simple, and discreet, this can help your motorbike delivery service business get from one point to another.

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TomTom Via 62

Remember that this TomTom Via 62 can be a great all-rounder as this sat nav can easily connect to your phone for hands-free calls and contact the traffic servers of TomTom, which is highly beneficial. However, your phone won’t be able to communicate with the system of your car.

Because of that, if you want to use hands-free calls or stream music to the stereo of your vehicle, this may not be the best sat nav for you.

Also, remember that it has a resistive instead of a capacitive 6-inch display, so you don’t need to put too much pressure on the capacitive screens. Aside from that, it works well and provides clear and fresh maps. Furthermore, this sat nav may not be the kind of device that can make you feel excited, but it can ensure that you will get to your destination without too much trouble.

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TomTom GO Premium

Here is the most innovative, best connected, and most feature-packed navigation device available on the market that comes with so many attributes that can help this device compete with the smartphone. This unique sat nav has a design that can help anyone achieve their goal and get to their destination at the fastest possible time.

Since TomTom GO Premium is coupled with reliable traffic information and robust navigation, IFTTT (If That Then That) integration is also featured by Go Premium. You can get linked with personal digital assistants, become connected to home devices, and receive notifications, and sync appointments.

Furthermore, it would be best to note that it has Built-in Wi-Fi that makes sure that the maps and software are constantly updated. You may even leverage the companion app of TomTom MyDrive so you can plan for your route and send your destination to the device.

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Garmin Drive 52

With Garmin Drive 52, you can get all of the basics of a sat nav that includes a 3D view, explicit directions, and sensible routes that can help you at any junction. Here, accurate directions are featured to leverage landmarks with instructions delivered clearly on time.

Like most of the expensive DriveSmart models, it has Foursquare and Tripadvisor’sTripadvisor’s points of interest, including weather forecasts, speed camera warnings and live traffic alerts. Also, note that it needs to be connected to a Smartphone that runs the Garmin Smartphone Link app through Bluetooth for live alerts.

The screen may be dimmer than the display that the DriveSmart models of Garmin have, as it has a lower resolution. Moreover, it can be resistive instead of capacitive even if it is responsive according to these standards. Aside from that, you have to use the USB to connect it to a PC and download updates.

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TomTom Start 25

Like Garmin Nuvi 57LM, this sat nav came from the well-known and trusted brand TomTom that has a lifetime of map updates. It can even ship to Western Europe and not just Ireland or UK.

Aside from being available for an affordable price, it includes location warnings for speed cameras in real-time and parking assistance that can help anyone directly navigate to the best place they can park their car.

You can easily attach this to the windscreen or dash using an integrated mount, and the screen can cleverly flip to support however you would like to use it.

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DriverNet: The smart sat-nav especially created for delivery drivers

Because of its tech-sounding name, the field of logistics may appear to be an industry full of cutting-edge innovations. However, delivery drivers usually get by even if they only have a piece of paper that tells them where to go or Google Maps. However, nowadays, DriverNet is available to make people’s lives so much easier.

If you are out for work delivering products to stores, Google Maps can take you to the front door of every shop, but delivery access could be at a difficult-to-find access road or the back. Because of that, you need to review your printed manifest with all of the details you need.

You may even have to call the manager to open the door for you, and the manager may make you wait for a long time. You could end up realising that you parked your truck at the wrong place where it would be difficult to unload.

Because of that, when it comes to delivering goods, everything can be more complicated than it may appear. DriverNet wants to solve the issues people experience with a mobile app by offering so many features and customised navigation to make the driver’s life easier.

With this, people will be alerted once you get near your destination. It even has videos that show how and where you can park. It can also automatically allow the gate to open for you, so you don’t need to wait to access it.

According to Ant Chisnall, the founder of DriverNet, many logistics systems are created for management as they provide managers with information that will allow them to ask drivers why they arrived late. However, these never help the driver.

From the very start, DriverNet has been driver-focused, and people are optimistic about it. Since its launch, DriverNet has focused on being the app choice of delivery drivers worldwide.

How Can GPS Navigation Tools Be Great for Delivery Drivers?

As a delivery driver, time spent on the road is your source of income, so you likely want to make the most of this time. GPS navigation systems can help you get from point A to Point B, but which is the fastest or the most efficient GPS navigation system? Learn more here about how to optimise your GPS usage to excel in the delivery driving gig economy.

Using the GPS Can Help in Saving Time

If you’re in a hurry, we recommend that you take advantage of the GPS that can get you to your destination the fastest. The app Waze is known for anticipating and monitoring road patterns and navigating drivers around traffic. In heavy traffic, Waze can save you a significant amount of time and trouble.

Waze also uses driver input and information to warn travellers of traffic stops and the latest news on the road. The downside of using Waze is that it often takes drivers on longer routes or more complicated routes to avoid such traffic.

Having A GPS Can Be Great for Accuracy

When attempting to complete a complicated delivery, the last thing you need is inaccurate GPS information. Google Maps is known for having highly accurate listings of roads, buildings, and other instalments.

Their data is constantly updated to stay in sync with the latest information. If you are delivering to a college campus or somewhere without clearly marked names, Google Maps often has building names registered in the system to help keep you from getting lost. 

You can also use advanced GPS settings and features to avoid tolls, traffic, and more! Based on your area and the issues you commonly face on the road, you can adjust your navigation system to accommodate your preferences. 

A GPS Can Provide Help in Saving Data

If your phone has limited data, but you need significant GPS assistance for your delivery driving job, consider investing in a stand-alone GPS like Garmin. Many vehicles also have a GPS installed directly into the dashboard that drivers often avoid using. If this feature is equipped with your car, take the time to learn how you can safely use it for your deliveries. 

Another option is finding a GPS with an “offline” mode. These systems have the potential to work without the Internet or mobile data connection. Google Maps has an offline mode if you download a map of your area within the system before going offline. This type of system is often less convenient than an active, online mode, but they can help you out when you may need it most.

With A GPS, Drivers Can Learn the Ropes

The best purpose that GPS systems can serve is to help you better learn the areas you serve. To know all that your GPS has to teach you, try to pay attention to the roads and routes your system guides you on. Over time, you might find that you need to rely less and less on the navigation system as you recall the fastest routes from memory. 

Having A GPS Ensures the Safety of the Driver

You must set your navigation system before you embark on your delivery process to avoid adjusting the system while you are on the road. Check your navigation system for voice-controlled technology. You can change the system without taking your hands off the wheel or your eyes off the road if an error occurs. 

Try to keep the GPS audio instructions on loudly enough that you can hear them without having to refocus your attention on your navigation system. When driving, safety is always the top priority. As a delivery driver, it is your job to make sure that your GPS usage does not impact your safety performance.


Because of all the possible risks involved in delivery driving, it would be best to use sat navs as this can be a great companion for drivers who go on complicated journeys and need help navigating to their destination.

Furthermore, sat navs also monitor the vehicle’s speed and provide alerts whenever you travel over the speed limit for the road you drive on. Using a sat nav can be a great practice that can make people drive safely.