The Best Sat Navs With Reverse Camera or Dash Cam

The Best Sat Navs With Reverse Camera or Dash Cam

Many motorists share their driving moments while out travelling on the road with dashcams. If you have a backup camera and a Sat Nav, you can have your whole journey captured from front to back and stored so you can maybe look at the fabulous journey you went on or potentially use it to capture some bad drivers!

Here is an informative guide that will allow you to discover the best Sat Nav with backup camera systems that can help you get to where you need to go as it keeps an eye on your backside.

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Benefits of Sat Navs that come with a Reverse Camera or Dash Cam

  • Sat Navs with a Reverse Camera or Dash Cam adds up to the safety features of your vehicle. Frequently, safety features are what set a car model apart from the others. You can increase your vehicle’s safety features by installing a GPS unit that has a backup camera. You can arrive home safely with a GPS, while your backup camera will constantly check the road behind you.
  • You can have one unit used for two applications. Many people who have a GPS unit installed in their vehicle buy a backup camera after that. Because of that, it would be better to integrate both systems so you would only worry about having them installed once.
  • It makes you aware of where you need to go. Usually, GPS units that come with backup cameras have both rear and front cameras, so you can see where you are going, including what is behind you. With the GPS, you will be guided where you need to go, while the backup camera will guide you if you have to turn around.
  • A Sat Nav improves the value of your vehicle. It can be so much easier for anyone to drive a car that has camera and navigation capabilities. Aside from that, whenever you invest in a vehicle by having a GPS unit that comes with a backup camera purchased and installed, it will become more appealing to any potential buyer.
  • A Sat Nav Upgrades your existing system. Even if some of the older luxury models have GPS as the standard equipment, technology has recently improved. Enjoy the latest versions of both in your car by installing a GPS that comes with a backup camera.

Reviews on the Best Sat Nav With Built-In Dash Cam

If you don’t have enough time to choose which one to buy, here is our recommended list of the Best Sat Navs with Built-In Dash Cams. It can be helpful to have a Sat Nav as it can help anyone quickly get to new locations on time. However, when it gets paired with a dashcam, your car may appear messy and cluttered.

Because of that, it would be great to invest in Sat Navs that have built-in dashcams, as these don’t just save space. They can also become a safety net in case of accidents occur.

If you need help to choose which Sat Nav that has a built-in dash cam would be best for you, check out our review and comparison of the market’s top models here:

The Garmin DriveAssist 51LMT-S 5-Inch Sat Nav with Built-In Dash Cam

Provides the best value for money!


  • It allows for blue-tooth, hands-free calls, voice-activated navigation, TripAdvisor points of interest, and onscreen smart notifications.
  • Includes the feature incident notification that sends a text message on the location of a vehicle to a previously determined phone contact whenever an incident happens.
  • It comes in black with lifetime map updates, Wi-Fi, and free live traffic for the whole of Europe, Ireland, and the UK.
  • It has Garmin sat navigation with camera-assisted driver alerts, a built-in dashcam, and up to 30 minutes of battery life.
  • It is preloaded with UK, Ireland, the whole of Europe’s lifetime maps that has built-in Wi-Fi for easy software and map updates.
  • It has a 5-inch screen.
  • With maps of Ireland, UK, Eastern and Western Europe
  • It comes with touch screen human interface input.
  • Connectivity through Built-In Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • With 2 hours of battery life
  • It has Batteries Included.
  • Provides live traffic information
  • With the incident notification feature
  • Allows for hands-free BlueTooth calls
  • Has onscreen smart notifications
  • With security algorithm
  • Provides TripAdvisor’s points of interest
  • With voice-activated navigation
  • Has Text to Speech Direction Alerts that include the spoken number or street name
  • With a free 8-Gigabyte SD Card
  • Provides Lane View and Junction View
  • With Speed Trap and Speed Limit Alert System
  • Product Dimension: 3.3 0.8 x 5.5 x inches
  • Product Weight: 8 oz.

The Garmin DriveAssist Sat nav has a built-in dash cam that features a five-inch display with a built-in camera that records the road, including the optional audio in-car.

This Sat Nav with the camera has the best specs, such as the preloaded maps of European nations that are updated for a lifetime through Wi-Fi connectivity. It also includes voice controls and Bluetooth hands-free calls for distant navigation. Also fitted with this model are pinpoints by trip advisors for road exploration.

Navigators with dash cams also have notable features like incident notifications. They text your specified emergency contact number whenever the device’s G-sensors detect an impact as you drive. It also provides driving alerts daily while you move about collision and traffic to be safe on the road.

In terms of design, this model has a touch display with a 30-minute battery life that you can connect to your phone, so you can use the Garmin app to review the micro SD card’s footage. The device is the accurate vision view that enables you to have the monitor switched to a camera mode that helps spot incidents.


  • With frequent map updates
  • It has a five-inch touchscreen display.
  • With points on the maps by Tripadvisor
  • It comes with an in-built camera with a G-sensor.
  • Provides traffic alerts
  • With hands-free BlueTooth calls
  • Gives warning on lane departure and collision
  • Includes information about the locations of speed cameras


  • The screen may freeze as it is being used.
  • Poor lifespan


All in all, this Garmin DriveAssist Sat Nav with dashcam has so many features like mapping that comes with traffic updates and lifetime updates. Because of that, it can provide great value for your investment.

This model by Garmin is great as it has connectivity options that are easy to set up if you want to review the footage from inside the dashcam.

Integrated dash cams of this Garmin Sat Nav model may not be that great as people say that it breaks easily after using it for several months. Some users have mentioned that this five-inch display may often freeze whenever it is used.

Garmin sat navigation is preloaded with lifetime maps of Europe, including Ireland and the UK. It even has built-in Wi-Fi that allows for easy software and map updates. TripAdvisor provides points of interest, on-screen smart notifications, voice-activated navigation, and BlueTooth hands-free calls. Its incident notification feature sends a text message with the vehicle’s location to a predetermined contact number whenever an accident occurs.

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The Aguri Motorhome & Caravan DVR 5” AGR520 Sat Nav with Built-in Dash Cam

The Aguri’s Motorhome and Caravan Sat Nav that comes with a built-in dash cam has the lifetime maps of the UK and Europe, including map updates for a lifetime because of its wireless connectivity.


This device has the main feature that is the specialist POI. It indicates more than 30 thousand campsites and caravan sites within the maps. It even has the 1080-pixel dash cam recording footage that you can use as you drive. This model also provides advanced driver alerts for speed limits that include lane and junction views.

When it comes to the design, the dashcam is the 130-degree angle lens with an 8-Gigabyte SD card where you can store footage. It has an LCD that is available in both the five-inch and seven-inch designs with a battery life that can last for a total of two hours.

Because of that, it would be a great choice to get the Aguri Caravan & Motorhome Sat Nav with the built-in dashcam if you are searching for an HD dashcam camera that has fantastic product features.

The map’s added features like the campsite and caravan sites can be perfect for those who have motorhomes as they can use the navigator’s intelligent routing when they drive, including the safety plus camera alerts that can ensure that you will immediately reach your destination.

However, this Sat Nav with a built-in dash cam may be disadvantageous because of the inaccuracy of its location as it can take the road users to the wrong routes. Moreover, the battery also has a short lifespan.


  • Maps come with lifetime updates.
  • Provides speed camera and speed limit alerts
  • Has 8-Gigabytes of SD Card
  • With two hours of battery life
  • It has a dashcam with 1080-pixels
  • It comes with information about more than 30 thousand caravan sites and campsites.


  • Location may be inaccurate. 
  • May provide incorrect routes.
  • It has a short battery lifespan.


The Aguri Motorhome & Caravan is fantastic as it has free map updates for life. It is preloaded with the latest specialist street-level maps for Caravans and Motorhomes all over the UK and Europe.

It includes extensive specialist POIs, more than thirty-thousand motorhome stopovers, caravan sites, and campsite locations, including Camperstop, ACSI, Bordatlas, The Caravan Club, Camping and Caravanning Club and thousands more that are all ready to use and preloaded.

With its built-in DVR dash cam, it provides views of the junction and the lane. It even comes with the speed trap alert and speed limit system with free wireless updates.

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Garmin DriveAssist 5-Inch 51LMT-S Sat Nav with Free Live Traffic and Wi-Fi, Built-In Dash Cam, Lifetime Map Updates for Ireland, UK, and The Whole Europe

Here is one of the best-sat navs that has a built-in dash cam that can keep you safe. Garmin DriveAssist Sat Nav has a built-in dash cam is the best Sat Nav that comes with the built-in dash cam because of its excellent specs and features like its integrated G-sensor that comes with the dashcam.


  • Garmin DriveAssist 5-inch 51LMT-S Sat Nav is preloaded with lifetime maps of Ireland, the Uk, and the whole of Europe with built-in Wi-Fi for easy software and map updates.
  • Garmin sat navigation comes with camera-assisted driver alerts, a built-in dashcam, and a battery life of up to 30 minutes.
  • Its incident notification feature sends a text message with the vehicle’s location to a predetermined contact person on your phone whenever an incident happens.
  • It has voice-activated navigation, on screen smart notifications, Tripadvisor points of interest, and hands-free Bluetooth calls.


  • Provides Forward Collision Warning
  • With A Built-in Dash Cam
  • Allows for Hands Free Calls
  • With Garmin Real Vision


  • It can be too expensive
  • It has a Window Mount that may be awkward
  • It comes with a Dash Camera that does not have audio as voice recognition is the only one that uses the microphone
  • It has a 480 x 272-pixel screen resolution


Packed into this device are so many features. Many of them are helpful and could be very beneficial in making your journeys safer. You may argue that there are just too many features for some people, and you’re never going to use them all.

After all, the primary function of a sat nav is to get you from A to B. Thankfully, Garmin has provided a certain amount of customization, and you can turn on and off the features you require.

This device has the main selling point that is the built-in dash camera. No other device in this range has a camera. It is, in my view, a fantastic addition, particularly given the type of society we live in today with everyone suing everybody else.

It provides the driver peace of mind if they find themselves unfortunate enough to be in a collision. It’s great not to need a separate dash cam to record the road in front of you – it helps keep the clutter and wires within the cabin to a minimum.

The only downsides to this device are the relatively low-resolution screen and shorter than average battery length. However, the battery life becomes less of an issue when it’s always connected to the car’s power.

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Aguri Motorhome & Caravan Sat Nav AGR520 DVR 5” with Built-in Wi-Fi, Dash Cam, and European & UK mapping



  • Includes an extensive array of specialist POIs with more than 30 thousand campsites, caravan sites, and motorhome stopover locations, including Camperstop, The Caravan Club, Camping and Caravanning Club Bordatlas, ACSI, and so much more that are all previously loaded and ready to use.
  • With free map updates for life – Preloaded with this is the latest specialist street-level mapping for Motorhome & Caravan that covers the whole of Europe and the UK. Once you enter your vehicle’s attributes, the RV700 DVR will work on calculating a trustworthy and safe route that avoids width, height, and weight restrictions. It can work straight from out of the box with free wireless updates and no registration required.
  • It has a built-in DVR dash cam that can prove what occurred so you can protect your no claims bonus. Aguri’s DVR dash cam is fully integrated with 1080-pixel high definition DVR.
  • It comes with a speed limit and speed trap alert system that has free wireless updates. This system provides a warning to every type of mobile speed trap hotspots and fixed speed traps available from the all-new speed trap Speedshield data services of Aguri. Aside from that, it displays most of the roads’ speed limits throughout Europe all of the time. It comes preloaded with the latest speed trap database from Speedshield, so you can begin to use it straight from the box.
  • Its Lane view and Junction view provide an advanced visual warning of the next major intersection or junction. Aside from that, it has TTS (Text To Speech) directional voice alerts that include the street name or number so you can navigate safely.


  • It has two hours of battery life.
  • Provides speed camera and speed limit alerts
  • It comes with maps that provide lifetime updates.
  • Has information about more than 30 thousand caravan and campsites
  • With a dashcam of 1080-pixels
  • It comes with an 8-Gigabyte SD Card.


  • It has a short battery lifespan.
  • May provide inaccurate locations with incorrect routes.
  • The unit may constantly power off when it should be navigating you to your destination.
  • It has overheads even if you place it with air on the vent blowing over it. When this happens, the camera may only record the dashboard.
  • The keyboard has input faults that the route map can go past and then retraced to travel. Even if it still shows the final destination, it may say that you arrived 3 miles ahead while you are on a side road.
  • It may be the slowest unit you can experience when you start, as it can be difficult for you to look for a location until the car moves for several minutes on the road. If you are unfamiliar with the place, especially if you are at the centre of the town, you would have to guess the directions and set off in the wrong direction to search for another place to turn around.
  • When it comes to the unit, it has a non-intuitive and clunky interface that appears to have ignored contemporary function and design like what Garmin and TomTom has. It can be tough to use the keyboard as its sensitivity seems to vary. Thus, it can be impossible to input while attached to the windscreen or on the dashboard. The method of having the unit attached to the mounting stalk may not be easy as it always requires too much fiddling of both hands.


The Caravan and Motorhome Sat Nav of Aguri with a built-in dash cam can be an excellent choice for people searching for a high-definition dash cam with unique product features.

Since it has the additional map features of the campsite and caravan sites, it can be ideal for motorhome owners whenever they drive. Because of the navigator’s intelligent routing and safety camera alerts, you can get to your destination faster. However, this sat nav has a lot of drawbacks like a shorter lifespan and location inaccuracy that can take people on the road to wrong routes.

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What Is The Best Sat Nav With Built-In Dash Cam?

To round up our list of the Sat Navs with a built-in dashcam, our favourite Sat Nav with a built-in dashcam is the Garmin’s DriveAssist Sat Nav with a built-in dashcam. 

This Garmin Sat Nav with a built-in dash cam is rated as our number one because it has the dashcam feature and high-quality features that can allow anyone to record as they track and drive any incidents because of the integrated G-Sensor.

Our second option is the Aguri AGR520 DVR 5” Motorhome & Caravan Sat Nav with Built-in Dash Cam. With this Sat Nav dashcam, safety features are perfect for people who own motor homes as pinpointed on its preloaded maps are caravan sites with excellent driving safety features and speed limit alerts that can help you drive within the law.

However, unlike the Garmin Sat Nav, this model lacks accuracy in terms of routing. That is the reason why it is in second place.

The Buying Guide for Sat Navs: Things You Need to Look For In The Best Sat Nav That Has a Built-In Dash Cam

If you want to get the best Sat Nav that has a built-in dashcam, it may not be easy as these products may often be rare on the market. They come with so many features that can be pretty overwhelming whenever you want to buy your first Sat Nav that comes with an integrated dashcam.

Here is our extensive buying guide that covers exactly how the dashcam can work in Sat Nav. It includes the benefits of purchasing one of these highly integrated models, the vital features you need to consider in your model, and some tips for using a Sat Nav that has a dashcam as you drive.

How Can a Dash Cam be Advantageous for a Sat Nav?

Mounted within the Sat Navs are dash cams that sit on your windscreen that automatically turns on whenever you have your Sat Nav switched on and record as you drive. Because of this, you are allowed to have proof of incidents that can take place while you are on the road.

Some of the dash cams with sat navs also come with parking modes and G-sensors that will begin recording inside the Sat Nav whenever it feels motion. With this, you can make sure that you have evidence of any accident in a clear image.

When it comes to high-range Sat Navs, you can make use of the dashcam’s camera to alert you of calculated times or collisions for overtaking, including the early junction views when you drive as most of these dash cams always face the front.

Why is Having A Dash Cam Beneficial For Your Sat Nav?

Sat Navs that have built-in dash cams are not cheap, so you may wonder if it would be worth investing in it aside from the fact that it provides a record whenever there are accidents.

  • It usually comes with voice control – Because of the combination of the Sat Nav and the dashcam, you will frequently find these devices helpful. These allow for voice control and enable people to have the device turned on or off hands-free to command it change, or record your route anytime.
  • Allows for recording a road trip – Whenever you want to go on an adventure or a holiday vacation, get a dashcam built into your Sat Nav. It will allow you to have the whole trip quickly recorded to play it back to have beautiful memories of the road. Aside from that, you may never know what you may see when you travel on the road!
  • It makes sure to keep the dashboard neat – With a separate sat nav and dashcam, you can be serious in starting to make your dashboard clogged up with wires and sockets that combine the product’s features into one.
  • Lowers your insurance – Many insurance companies could offer lower rates to car owners with dashcams inside their sat Nav. Having this can be great if you are a new driver or own a motorhome.
  • Has G-Sensors – Having G-sensors on your dash cam can be great to have with the Sat Nav because they can automatically begin to record whenever your car experiences a remarkable impact. Because of that, it allows for the easy recording of incidents like road accidents and parking theft.
  • Comes with Multiple Functions – Among the significant advantages of having a Sat Nav with your dashcam is that they have multiple functions whether you would like to check out the junctions ahead on camera or do hands-free calls. With these great devices, you will be able to do anything that you need.
  • Available with a Windscreen Mount – Your car would become easier to use and appear tidier with the windscreen mount.

Important Features You Need To Consider For A Sat Nav That Comes With a Built-In Dash Cam

Like what we mentioned in the past, it may not be easy to decide which Sat Nav comes with a built-in dash cam is best. It can be a bit too overwhelming for first-time buyers that it may be unclear which helpful features should be included or should not be considered on your device.

If you want to make your life easier, here are the features that you need to check out for your Sat Nav with a Built-In Dash Cam:

  • Has Lifetime Traffic Updates – The highly recommended Sat Nav and Dash Cam combos come with lane departure warning alerts, speed camera alerts, and many other traffic updates as you drive. These can be vital for route re-planning and advanced technology in navigation.
  • Comes with Maps – Since the discussion is about Sat Navs, you need to get a model that houses maps with lifetime updates. These maps need to be relevant where you reside and have lifetime updates completed over a wireless connection. It can be vital to have this when planning an efficient route. Once your Sat Nav has more maps, you will get better value for your money.
  • Allows for Voice Control – It can be vital to have voice control on a model that has a hands-free function as this can provide safety and convenience. It should be easy to use voice control, and you need to be able to have a majority of the features controlled through voice and Bluetooth calls.
  • Intelligent Mapping or Routes – Review your devices’ accuracy with their class-leading route guidance. You can specifically check this out on the reviews as your Sat Nav can plan the best route for you. The ideal way should be the safest and fastest as you wouldn’t want to experience any problems with your navigation as you drive.
  • Quality of the Dash Cam Video – Even though your dashcam may be combined within your Sat Nav, it doesn’t mean that the quality of the video has to be poor. Your camera must be able to record a minimum of 1080 pixels so you can get vital details like your footage’s registration plate number.
  • Helpful Alerts for Riders – Your dashcam and Sat Nav combo should not just have built-in traffic alerts. It must also come with safety camera alerts like collision alerts whenever you drive too near a vehicle.
  • Comes with Memory Cards – Some dashcam and Sat Nav combos have a limited MicroSD card. It can be vital to make sure that this SD card is big enough to store the footage of your drive, so getting less than 65-Gigabytes is not recommended.
  • Comes With G-Sensor or Parking mode – One of the great product features you need to check out with your built-in dashcam is the G-sensor or parking mode. With this, you can make sure that your camera will start recording whenever it feels an impact. Without it, you may end up missing vital footage of an accident.
  • Warranty – Make sure to always check if the model you choose has a one or two-year warranty for the buyers if the device is faulty.
  • Size of the LCD – Your Sat Nav needs to have a clear LCD whenever the screen is involved. The most popular ones come with a five-inch version, but it can be possible to have a bigger screen that provides better visibility.
  • Value for Money – Whatever Sat Nav you choose, you need to ensure that it can provide a great deal for its price.

Tips For Using A Sat Nav With Your Dash Cam As You Drive

After choosing the best dash cam and Sat Nav combination, you need to become aware of how to drive using these devices safely. It can be vital to driving legally without making yourself too distracted with your new gadget.

Here is a list of the essential tips and tricks that can make sure that you are safe with your new device while you are on the road:

  • Constantly Update the Maps – It can be vital to make sure that your maps are up to date whenever you use a Sat Nav with a dashcam because, with this, you can have the latest routes and avoid unexpected obstructions as you drive. You may become distracted by misleading directions as you go.
  • Make Use of the Voice Control – Having voice control on your dashcam, and Sat Nav device will allow your attention and eyes to be on the road at all times.
  • Constantly Check the Position – Since it is not legal to make the dashcam or Sat Nav obstruct the view of the drivers too much on the windshield, you need to make sure that the device is in a low position by being compact.
  • With Adjustment Pullover – Avoid trying to have your Sat Nav set or adjusted when you drive. It would be best if you pull over instead of trying to have your attention split in driving.
  • Have the Route Reviewed Before Travelling – Even if these devices can be pretty accurate because of wireless updates, these can still commit mistakes when it comes to routing. Because of that, it would be best if you checked the set route beforehand. By doing this, you can make sure that the roads will be suitable for your car.

FAQs On The Best Sat Nav With Built-In Dash Cam 

What is the dash cam’s primary purpose? 

The dashcam has the primary purpose of recording any incidents as you drive that can help avoid disputes as it acts as evidence.

What is the price of Sat Navs that have built-in dash cams? 

These models may cost anything from £200 to £400. Some of the top brands like Garmin are priced at approximately £300. 

Can I purchase a Sat Nav with a dual dash cam device? 

Many Sat Navs are combined with a dashcam without a rearview lens and only has front-facing cameras.

If you want to have a dual dash cam fitted, you may need to consider separately buying each device.

Is it better to have a larger display on these devices?

It may be easier to have a large display if you want to control and see more. However, if you mount it on your windshield, it may take up so much more space.

What are the favourable and detrimental considerations about having a dashcam Sat Nav? 

Just like what we previously mentioned, these sat navs have many advantages like alerting people with traffic accidents, acting as the first-hand witness every time accidents happen because of the dashcam, and providing people with the best routes.

Yet, there may be times when they are too distracting and inaccurate whenever routing gets involved. For this reason, you need to have a model that frequently undergoes updates through a wireless connection.

What are the most vital product features that you need to consider for Sat Navs with dashcam? 

Some of the added features and best specs that you need to include in your device are driver safety alerts, voice control, G-sensor, traffic updates, 1080-pixel dashcam, and maps with lifetime updates.

Frequently, budget option models compromise the dash cam’s quality as they may come with or not include the G-sensor. Both of these can be vital for the quality of your video needs so you can be sharp in identifying the plate numbers. Having the G-sensor can be critical in protecting your vehicle against thieves.

What is the built-in G-sensor? 

If you have a built-in G-sensor with your dashcam and navigator, it can sense an extraordinary impact whenever your car is parked or driving. It will automatically turn on the dashcam to record the incident that is happening for evidence that is also known as the gravity sensor.

How are the Sat Nav with a dashcam and GPS with a dashcam different? 

A Sat Nav with a dashcam and a GPS with a dashcam are not different as both are for navigation. They only become different when it comes to the UK and US terms.

Types of GPS with Backup Cameras


Instead of mounting to the rearview mirror, regular dash cameras stay on top of the dash so they can guide those who drive. They are in different screen sizes and are often solidly created with a steady base.

These dash-mounted cameras appear similar to what you may find on high-end cars’ built-in units that include the (pop-up) screen and GPS. You can mount the dashcam GPS with backup camera units anywhere on the dashboard.


There are many GPS that comes with backup camera units that could fit in the space of the original stereo of your car. Many older cars can have this feature because GPS units usually include auxiliary or radio connectivity. GPS units of the car stereo can be a double or single-DIN that could depend on how big the centre dash cluster of your vehicle may be.


GPS units with a built-in camera for backup can typically come in a mirror dash camera form that you can mount over your rearview mirror. You can attach this through straps or another method for mounting as these dash cams usually come with a built-in front camera.

A lot may be wider than standard rearview mirrors because they provide a more extensive view of the whole picture. These mirror dash cams also display maps in GPS mode.

Top Brands


Magellan is based in California and was founded in 1986. This company has been providing many GPS accessories and devices that include the Magellan TR5 Street and GPS Navigator. In case you are a person who frequently goes hiking, camping, or spends time in beaten paths, it would be best to get this GPS to save your life.


Garmin was founded in 1989 with headquarters in Kansas. Garmin is the household name whenever GPS units are involved. Yet, you may not be a fan of the products we previously mentioned and are not that concerned about having a camera for backup.

If that is the case, it would be best to check out the Navigator System of Garmin Drive 50, as it can be an excellent gift for your life’s adventure.

Price of GPS with Backup Camera

  • $200 and up – You can have so many added features on GPS units that have backup cameras for a bit more money. These have touchscreen capabilities that are more or less standard with better resolution, more gigantic screens, and many other great features.
  • $50-$190 – You can buy and enjoy a decent GPS unit with a backup camera that doesn’t cost more than $200. If that is something you will use often, it would not be wrong to invest in it. For this price range, the units tend to have hazier resolutions and smaller screens compared to those priced at more than $200.

Key Features to Consider when buying a Sat Nav

The Size of the Screen

Like surfing the internet or watching television, you can improve your experience by having a bigger screen. Having a larger viewing area can help you know where you are and where you should go when it comes to navigation.

The best GPS with backup camera units comes with a big screen that shows a more extensive view. A lot of the screens that you see may cap out at approximately 10 inches or more.

It comes with a Touchscreen.

Dashcams that may be directly mounted on the dash or rearview mirror can be capable of the touchscreen. With this function, it can be easier for you to navigate through the map. It can also allow it to be easier for you to see what is happening around the area where you are driving through to get your bearings and be more confident as you go towards your destination.

Seamless Integration with Your Vehicle

It would only be worth investing in technology if it can improve your daily life. If it is not possible to use a GPS unit with your backup camera, it may not be suitable for you.

The best GPS units with backup cameras are seamlessly integrated with your vehicle from the connectivity and wiring side of things to the unit’s placement in your car. You need to be able to use the backup camera and GPS without doing anything special as you operate it.

Easy Installation

A lot of the GPS units that include backup cameras must not be too difficult to install. Dashcams can sit on top of the dash, mirror dash cameras can be mounted on your existing rearview mirror, and stereo units would fit in the space that your radio previously inhabited. It should not take more than several minutes to install these units, even if you are a novice user. 

Great Resolution

Just like the size of the screen, it can be handy if it has a crisp resolution. However, reading the street names can be challenging unless you have a clear and large screen. The one with the highest available resolution is at 1080-pixels that denotes the pixels you can vertically count on the screen.

Other Considerations

  • Night Vision: It can be harder to drive at night as you cannot see as apparent during the day. Because of that, it can be invaluable to capture the road ahead of you with night vision. Consider purchasing a GPS that has night vision and a backup camera so you can get the best out of the whole system.
  • Style: You may be one of the drivers who feel concerned about how technology flows with the style of the rest of the vehicle. If that is the case, consider how the GPS unit that you want to have would appear with the rest of your equipment. Since many of the products are in black, you may only need a minor detail unless you may be particular.
  • Front Camera: Having a front camera can be handy. Because of this feature, you can record what happens on the road in front of you. Being able to do this can be great for so many things. If you want to buy a GPS unit with a backup camera, it would be best to invest in a product with a camera in front.