The Best Sat Navs for Caravans or Motorhomes

The Best Sat Navs for caravans or motorhomes

What should you go for if you recently changed your caravan and want to upgrade your old disc-driven caravan sat nav for a GPS based sat-nav?

A lot of people are now using Satellite Navigation so they can travel everywhere where they wish. In reality, there are Sat Navs that can do better at avoiding narrow streets compared to others. Anyone who tows a caravan or drives a motorhome wouldn’t want to go through any narrow road.

Currently, available on the market are certain ‘Caravan Sat Navs’ that people sometimes call ‘Motorhome Sat Navs’ or ‘Truck Sat Navs.’ All these essentially work on a similar principle. In these sat navs, you enter your vehicle’s length, width, height and the inappropriate streets that it has to avoid. However, do these work?

After doing sufficient research about sat navs, we want to share our reviews and findings on the available motorhome and caravan sat navs with everyone. Continue reading to know the comparison between motorhome sat navs, including the best motorhome satellite navigation systems in our helpful buying guide.

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An Introduction to Sat Navs for Motorhomes and Caravans

Sat Navs have been available for a long time, and they constantly undergo improvements every year. Some upgrades are improved on-screen instructions, larger screens, and upgraded user information like speed camera alerts.

Despite that, Sat Navs may still have some disadvantages, primarily if you use them to navigate roads in a motorhome or tow a caravan. Thus, we would like to talk about the realities of operating a Sat Nav in a caravan or motorhome. Included here are satellite navigation units that are mainly designed for those who use motorhomes and caravans.

Become Aware of Your Caravan’s True Dimensions

Sat Navs that allow people to enter the motorhome, caravan, or car’s weight and dimensions will provide the best route from the information given. Because of that, it would be best if you didn’t offer guesses on your vehicles actual dimensions & specs.

We recommend that you measure it. Also, please avoid using the measurements stated in the technical manual or brochure, as they may vary in real life. Moreover, printing mistakes can always happen. Aside from that, if you added some extras to your motorhome or caravan like a satellite dish or air conditioning unit on the roof, it may alter its dimensions.

Cheaper units can generally be bulky and add more height. Because of that, it would be best if you have the height dimensions factored in when you enter the information into the Sat Nav.

Please note that they have changed the caravans’ maximum width under UK law to align with the EU legislation. Before, 7.5 feet (2.3 metres) was the maximum. Now, it is at 8.2 feet (2.5 metres).

You may think that a 7-inch (200 mm) difference would not affect the Sat Nav displays route results. However, these devices’ error tolerance may be uncertain. Because of that, it would be better to be safe and use a suitable tape measure so you can check your motorhome or caravan’s dimensions.

The Accuracy and Map Updates of the Sat Nav

Even for the ‘top of the line’ Sat Navs, it may be impossible for them to see missing roads. However, this issue may be more common for older Sat Navs. More modern units can be better when it comes to accuracy and map updates.

Yet, it may depend on the Sat Nav you choose, as these map updates could be an additional expense. In some cases, you can compare the price of two units and choose the cheaper one. However, you will eventually realise that getting a less costly unit can be more expensive in the long run. Aside from that, paying for map updates can increase your expenses over time.

Now, for Sat Navs, map updates are optional paid subscriptions. Yet, if the Sat Nav is unaware of where you are, you may end up on a narrow road. There are places you wouldn’t want to go in your motorhome or caravan. Because of that, it could be pretty irrelevant to enter your unit’s length and width whenever your Sat Nav misses roads because it did not get updated.

What Are ‘Lifetime Updates’?

Last 2018, BBC reported that TomTom would no longer support map updates to the older Sat Navs. They stated that the older devices are incapable of supporting new map data because their technology is outdated. Yet, I think the interesting about this report was the interpretation of TomTom on ‘Lifetime Updates.’

Here, the term ‘lifetime’ refers to the ‘useful life’ of the device, like the period TomTom will provide support to your device with accessories, content, services, or updates. The device would have reached the end of its life when these updates were no longer available.

Because of that, the interpretation of ‘lifetime updates’ may not be the same as what the customers expect. Overall, avoid presuming that the Sat Navs for motorhomes and caravans will always be up to date. These ‘lifetime updates’ are not based on the lifetime of your motorhome or caravan.

Physical Maps, Sat Navs, and Google Maps

As was previously discussed, anyone who owns a motorhome or caravan must have a physically printed road map as their backup. IT and gadgets may be great, but anything electrical would eventually fail. Because of that, it would be best to combine the use of your Sat Nav with Google Maps.

‘Trust’ is the critical keyword whenever Sat Navs are involved, especially for motorhomes and caravans. Can you or should you trust your Sat Nav to bring you to your desired place, and will it avoid low bridges, narrow roads, etc.?

In my opinion, if I base things on my experience, the answer is no. That also applies to the ‘high end’ Sat Nav specifically created for motorhomes and caravans, where you enter weight restrictions, length, and others.

Since these Sat Navs can still make mistakes, you should not trust them blindly. However, don’t throw your costly Sat Nav in the trash bin and go back to relying on paper maps. Everything is just about appreciating every Sat Nav device’s possible flaws and limitations and having them used where they can be applied.

Street View from Google Maps

We recommend that you create a detailed plan of your route using Google Maps. Check out the Street View function (little orange or yellow man) and have him dropped at a particular road, so you’ll see how wide it is if there are any obstructions and more. The most valuable and powerful tool currently available to help you plan a route to a safe site is Google Street View

Use Google Street View so you can safely plan for your motorhome or caravan’s routes.

Let’s say you spent some time analysing the best route through Google Maps Street View. By doing so, you will have a great idea of what you can expect on the road. However, your Sat Nav will be the one to choose which route would be best.

Here, you can take your customised route in Google Maps and upload it to any Sat Nav. Even if this may appear a bit too technical, it can be so much easier than you think.

Have Custom Google Maps Routes Uploaded to Your Sat Nav

You can upload a custom route in Google Maps to your Sat Nav by using another website to create a GPX file that your Sat Nav could understand. Every motorhome and caravan owner should be interested in having their custom planned Google Maps routes placed onto any Sat Nav.

By doing this, you can have a custom route in Google Maps entered into any Sat Nav device, so you don’t need to get any specific ‘Caravan Sat Nav’ to reach your destination safely. Despite that, there are some caveats to this approach that you need to remember:

  1. First, if you use an old Sat Nav with outdated maps, the custom route uploaded may not work well as you may have chosen roads that the old Sat Nav does not have enough information on.
  2. Next, whenever an accident or road closure happens, the customised route from Google Maps may no longer be a good option. If that is the case, having a standard Sat Nav without data on the dimensions of your outfits mays end you to potentially unsuitable and unsafe roads.

Because of that, if you want to determine if it’s suitable for motorhomes and caravans to have a sat nav, well, they need to be judged in the correct context. None of these can be faultless as they can be more expensive than a standard Sat Nav unit.

Yet, most of the time, we believe that a Sat Nav can help you get to your destination safely. Despite that, we think it would be best to practice by planning your route through Google Maps Street View. After you plan for a course, have it uploaded to your selected Sat Nav.

Do You Need a Sat Nav for Your Caravan or Motorhome?

If you love spending most of your time towing a caravan or driving a motorhome, then you should consider checking out specialised sat navs for caravans or motorhomes. That is because software and sat navs designed for regular cars may not allow the device to be configured to avoid any restrictions in height and weight that can help you navigate safely.

Even if driving carefully and paying attention to the road signs would help you avoid any common hazards, you also need to know if there are weight restrictions or low bridges ahead of time. It may become too late to get a suitable diversion if you think about this when you get there.

Aside from that, you will also waste so much fuel and time. Because of these reasons, it would be best to get a sat nav for your motorhome. If you are new to having a motorhome, having a caravan towed or an enormous vehicle turned in may not always be easy, which can be stressful for any driver. Because of the cost of wasted time and fuel, it would be better if you got a motorhome sat nav.

What Are the Various Types of Sat Navs for Motorhomes?

  • Dash Mounted Sat Nav
  • Integrated GPS System
  • Phone or Tablet
  • Multimedia System

Integrated GPS Systems

You can have an integrated GPS fitted in your dash that you may also connect to your BlueTooth telephone system, reversing camera, and radio. Sold as a pack for media and satellite navigation, these fitted sat nav systems can be a costly option. You may have to pay approximately £1.5k for a motorhome sat nav that is factory-fitted by Fiat Ducato.

After conducting the needed research, we discovered that this kind of system could be tough to buy as you need to check out specialist suppliers and installers to get this.

If you purchased an old motorhome with an integrated system you would like to upgrade, consider a multimedia system. It works differently, but it can provide the same feel and appearance as an in-dash traditional system.


  • Connects to the BlueTooth, sound system, and reversing camera
  • This system uses a satellite connection and is preloaded so that you wouldn’t need an internet connection.
  • You can have this configured to the weight and size of your motorhome.
  • There are free lifetime updates in recent models
  • Connects to BlueTooth, sound system, and reversing camera
  • It is wired into the 12-volt system of the engine
  • Can tidily fit into the dash


  • Costly
  • Hard to retro-fit
  • If there are no free upgrades offered, updating the map may be too complicated and expensive.
  • It May go wrong whenever a lot of other functions get lost

Dash Mounted Sat Navs

Dash-mounted sat navs are similar to the classic car sat navs, but it can be possible to have them configured to the weight and size of your motorhomes. Usually, the sat nav with live traffic updates and BlueTooth can be linked to the reversing camera.

Some can even come with speed alerts and integrated dash cams. They can generally be the sat-nav system that isis easy to use, but they may not be the most attractive to look at as they could depend on the make you purchase.


  • It uses a satellite connection and is preloaded, so it does not require an internet connection
  • Can get configured to the weight and size of your motorhome
  • Preloaded stops from famous resources and apps like Park4Night and ACSI are featured in newer models
  • Free lifetime updates with recent models
  • Plug and play
  • Specific models may get wired to a reversing camera
  • There are models with an integrated dashcam


  • It can be expensive to update mapping whenever there are no free upgrades offered.
  • Requires cable from the dash for charging
  • It may require a dash fitted radio for the sound system and a second screen for the reversing camera.
  • You may need to use the amount depending on what vehicle you have.
  • Screens are small in size.

The Top Ten Best In-Dash Mounted GPS Systems

The Famous Choice for Motorhomers: Snooper Ventura S6900 Motorhome Sat Nav

The Snooper Ventura S6900 Motorhome Sat Nav is a famous choice for motorhomes because the Snooper motorhome sat nav frequently gets fantastic reviews. Of all the best sellers, it is one of those that has the biggest stopover and campsite directories.

  • Provides maps for life so you can get free digital traffic data for a lifetime.
  • With guidance on junction lane and view
  • It has an active magnetic mount.
  • With a 7-inch touchscreen
  • Provides advanced satellite navigation dedicated to providing efficient and safe routing for those who drive motorhomes and caravans.
  • It comes with free lifetime map updates of the whole of Europe.
  • With more than 31,000 campsites and points-of-interests
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The Best Sat Nav for its Large Screen: Garmin Camper 1090 Sat Nav for Caravan & Motorhome

Here is a bigger Garmin motorhome sat nav than all of the other available motorhome sat navs in the market. It has a high-resolution 10-inch display that you can use in portrait and landscape mode and looks similar to a tablet instead of the traditional sat-nav.

You can expect all of the other well-known features Garmin has in their new 2021 model for this sat nav. Aside from that, it has built-in Wi-Fi that allows for easy map updates and is perfect for people who don’t have a laptop. 

  • With its custom routing, it considers your motorhome’s weight and size and looks for a suggested route.
  • Included in the map updates are Europe’s preloaded street maps.
  • Has Campercontact, iOverlander, and ACSI’s preloaded directories of campervan and motorhome stops parks services that you can filter according to your preferred amenities like electricity, showers, and more.
  • Garmin BC 35 Rear View Camera compatible
  • Allows for BlueTooth hands-free calls
  • Gives road warnings that can help drivers become aware of weight limits, sharp curves, steep grades, and others
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The Best Sat Nav with Integrated Dash Cam: SC5900 DVR G2 Snooper Ventura Motorhome Navigation System

Here is a reasonable offer from Snooper that has the added benefit of having a built-in dashcam. However, since its screen is a bit small, it may be hard to properly position this in an A-class motorhome that will allow you to make the dashcam work and touch the screen.

  • It has a built-in HD (DVR), Dash Cam, and a 5-inch Widescreen LCD.
  • Specifically designed for motorhomes and caravans, Ventura calculates safe routes according to your vehicles’ weight, height, length, and width.
  • It comes with a unique search facility that has more than 31 thousand motorhome stopovers and campsites in more than thirty countries. This database is the largest for any motorhome or caravan specific sat navigation.
  • With lifetime information about traffic from TMC
  • Has lifetime motorhome & caravan mapping in the EU
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The New Brand: Aguri Motorhome Sat Nav RV720

This Aguri sat nav is well built as it uses specialist software to provide great value for your money. Even if Aguri is a new brand, it has rapidly established itself at the top of the list for people who own large vehicles.

  • 5” Full-colour responsive touch screen LCD.
  • With Motorhome and Caravan specialist navigation software
  • It has a built-in 1080P HD DVR dash cam that comes with a 130-degree wide-angle lens.
  • With free full lifetime speed trap updates and map updates in Europe
  • Generates multi-stop travel routes
  • Has a one-touch ‘Home’ and ‘Office’ routing
  • Provides text to speech direction alerts that include the spoken number or street name
  • With software for lane view and junction view routing
  • Since it comes with built-in Wi-Fi, it allows for updating software, maps, and speed traps that you don’t have to connect to a Mac or PC.
  • With extensive POI that includes more than 30 thousand motorhome stopovers and campsites
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Aonerex Sat Nav for Cars & Trucks: The Best Option for Your Budget

If you want to have an affordable sat-nav, this model would be great for anyone’s budget. Even if its touch screen is less responsive and provides limited options, it still has impressive reviews. Around 58% of its clients in Amazon has rated this sat nav with five stars.

  • It has a 7-inch touch screen.
  • Provides information on essential stops like food, rest stops, and gas without allowing you to lose a turn when you look away from the map.
  • With free map updates for a lifetime
  • Allows for offline navigation with its built-in GPS chip that can work without connection to a network, so you won’t have to depend on phone data or connectivity.
  • Gives alerts to any upcoming hazards like traffic lights, speed zones, school zones, traffic lights, and curves
  • Has pre-installed maps of more than fifty countries in Europe, including the UK
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Avtex Tourer Two Motorhome and Caravan Sat Nav

Here is a well-respected name when it comes to motorhome sat navs that uses Garmin mapping. It provides a great combination of the European maps and the manufacturer’s knowledge about motorhomes, but it may come at a high price. Even if the Avtex Tourer One is available at approximately £15 or less, the Tourer Two is still the best choice.

  • It can be operated with voice using Bluetooth technology.
  • Provides custom camper routing for the weight and size of your caravans or camper
  • Has Points-of-Interests (POIs) for the Motorhome and Caravan Club
  • Shows possible steep grades and elevation along your route
  • Has a directory of more than 9 thousand ACSI campsites
  • With road warnings for steep angles, sharp curves, weight limits, bridge heights, and more
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The Well-Respected TomTom Go Camper Sat Nav

Here is a motorhome sat nav that is made by the respected manufacturer TomTom. However, it limits you to the predefined motorhome and campervan routes, so you may prefer to use the TomTom Go professional 6250 mentioned below.  

  • Has lifetime updates through Wi-Fi that does not need a laptop or a computer.
  • With customised routes for your camper or motorhome
  • Allows you to find detailed caravan and camper points of interest like dum stations and stopovers.
  • It has an 800 x 480 display resolution and a 6-inch screen.
  • It comes with TomTom road trips that can help you discover the best routes in the world, which you can easily personalise to feel relaxed and guided as you drive.
  • With TomTom MyDrive, it can help you save favourites, check live traffic information, and plan routes from your PC, tablet, or smartphone.
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The GPS Truck Sat Nav TomTom Go Professional 6250

TomTom Go Professional 6250 may not have all of the specific motorhome features of TomTom Go Camper Sat Nav. Still, it can provide superior mapping features and can configure for weight and size. It is preloaded with POIs that are more tailored to coaches and trucks.

  • Has customised routing for large vehicles
  • With built-in Wi-Fi for the latest software and map updates
  • Has lifetime information on speed and traffic cams, including large vehicle maps
  • With MyDrive route planning
  • It comes with a 6-inch widescreen touchscreen.
  • Capable of Bluetooth hands-free calls with smartphone messages and voice commands
  • Compatible with Google Now and Siri
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Garmin Camper 890MT-D: The Advanced Camper Sat Nav

The Camper 890MT-D is Garmin’s next model with a bigger 8-inch edge-to-edge touch screen that you can use for landscape and portrait options. It has other features that are pretty similar to the 770, but if the 6.95-inch screen is a bit small, this can be a great alternative that is more affordable compared to the 10-inch Garmin 1090.

  • Has full maps of 46 countries in Europe
  • When you download the app Garmin Drive, you can access live weather, fuel prices, hazard and traffic areas.
  • Allows you to browse the world and plan your dream trip by downloading the additional maps for free.
  • Includes reviews from TripAdvisor that has a complete portfolio of Campercontact and ACSI’S motorhome stopovers 
  • Works on creating custom routes according to the weight and size of your motorhome and provides road alerts like gradient slopes and bridge heights
  • Enabled with BlueTooth for hands-free notifications and calls
  • Directly provides instructions for voice navigation from the stereo of your motorhome.
  • Compatible with the rearview camera of Garmin BC 35.
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Garmin Camper Sat Nav 770LMT-D: The Best Choice for a Dash Mounted All-Rounder

The respected manufacturer Garmin is a highly famous GPS motorhome sat nav that can provide the high-quality mapping. It is Europe’s best Garmin motorhome sat nav launched in 2020 and is still the best overall this year.

  • Has specialised sat navigation that is specifically designed for motorhomes and caravans because it has Wi-Fi and a 6.95-inch easy-to-read edge-to-edge touchscreen display that can provide easy software and map update
  • With a directory of the campsites from MHF, NKC, and ACSI
  • Provides trip planning and customised routing
  • Has lifetime updates of the Europe map
  • With route warnings
  • Provides speed and safety camera updates for a lifetime
  • With digital traffic through DAB
  • Gives free services for live traffic information
  • Allows for hands-free calls
  • With built-in Wi-Fi to get easy updates
  • Has voice-activated navigation
  • It can turn into a seamless motorhome sat nav with a reversing camera whenever it fits with the compatible Wireless Backup Camera of Garmin BC 30.

The Garmin Camper Sat Nav 770LMT-D is recommended whenever you want to have a dash-mounted GPS. These are the reasons why:

  1. Allows for plug and play with no fitting needed
  2. With a five star rating of 70% from more than 830 ratings from Amazon buyers
  3. Has camper and motorhome alerts and speed limits all over the UK and the EU
  4. It appears sleek because of its full-screen display that people can easily view.
  5. With great pricing for a high-quality product and brand
  6. Allows you to pinpoint a location on your phone that you can send to Garmin for navigation and mapping
  7. Enables connection to Garmin smartwatches to get vehicle location and driver alerts so you won’t lose your motorhome anymore!
  8. Has compatibility with Garmin’s Wireless Reversing Camera that means you don’t need two have two screens on your dash

It would be best to get the Garmin Camper 770LMT if you want a dash-mounted sat nav with excellent build quality and good functionality.

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In-Dash Multimedia Systems

These are the market’s relative newcomers that are fully integrated into your dash to provide telephone and music through your smartphone’s Android Auto apps and Apple Carplay, as well as touchscreen mapping. Some can also be compatible with the reversing cameras.

For any of these systems, you need to have smartphone data, and they usually use around 0.73-megabytes of mobile data as you drive for 20 minutes and 0.67-megabytes of data for every ten miles.


  • It can neatly fit into the double DIN slot so your dash can have a clean feel.
  • Enables relatively easy retro-fitting
  • Considerably more affordable compared to the fitted GPS systems
  • Capable of providing all media needs that include the reversing camera
  • Allows for plug and play
  • Consistently up to date
  • Includes Bluetooth and radio technology that you can use for your phone


  • Uses data as it requires mobile and smartphone network
  • Reliant on apps for mapping, and not all maps support Android Auto and Apple Car Play.

The Top Six Multimedia Systems

The Sleek Media Player: Pioneer AVH-Z5100DAB

Here is a media player that appears sleek as it provides high-quality functionality as expected from Pioneer. Since this is at the high end of Pioneer’s multimedia systems, it can offer a full-width display that cheaper models cannot provide whenever mapping is used.

  • It has a 7-inch screen with a touchscreen display.
  • With double DIN AVH-Z5100DAB
  • Has DAB+/ DAB digital video or audio in the UK
  • Compatible with Android or Apple with just one cable to your smartphone
  • It has Bluetooth so that you can call it hands-free or stream music.
  • Plays music from the DVD or CD
  • Compatible with most of the reversing cameras
  • Allows your theme to become upgraded with high-grade audio functions that include the Auto EQ, time alignment, and 13-band graphic EQ so you will be allowed to have the sound settings customised to what you prefer
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Our Choice as the Best Multimedia All-Rounder: Pioneer SPH-DA130DAB

Here is a lower multimedia system than the previously shown Pioneer as it retains the side touch buttons instead of giving the full-screen width for mapping. Otherwise, it can provide every feature and functionality of the more costly model as it appears excellent in the dashboard.

  • It has a 6.2-inch Glass Capacitive touchscreen.
  • Compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay
  • With Aux In, Rear USB, steering wheel control, and three pre-outs
  • Has the AM/FM/DAB+ radio tuner with customised button illumination
  • With audio streaming
  • Allows for hands-free BlueTooth

Pioneer SPH-DA130DAB is recommended for people who want a multimedia system. These are the eight reasons why:

  1. It can work well with, Apple Maps, and Google Maps
  2. Since it can faultlessly operate for more than 10 thousand miles in both Morocco and Europe, around 77% of the people who bought this have rated this multimedia system with five stars.
  3. It can work on 12-volts whenever parked up to utilise motorhome applications and stream music via Spotify and other music apps’ motorhome speakers.
  4. You can have the reversing camera connected so that it won’t require multiple screens on the dash.
  5. Has a great price for the product and the brand
  6. Bluetooth-enabled to allow people to receive and make calls while they are on the move
  7. Readily available for fitting at Halfords and for purchase at Amazon. They can have your reversing camera connected to see if it is compatible.
  8. May get set up for the DAB radio in the UK.

Whenever you want to look for the right price for a retro-fit sat-nav system that has excellent functionality without so many different screens on the dash, it would be best to choose Pioneer SPH-DA130DAB.

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Atoto A6: The Best Budget Option for People Who Use Android

Atoto A6 is full of features, but since it only supports Android Auto, this model may not suit those who use the iPhone. Despite that, since it comes at a great price point and has fantastic reviews, it would be best to consider this option.

  • Has the Google Maps app installed as the default GPS map, including the Google Play Store’s other apps for map and navigation that you can also install
  • With the built-in GPS receiver module that has the external GPS antenna
  • It comes with a full HD 7-inch touchscreen.
  • Connects through Android smartphones through Wi-Fi and USB
  • Has Bluetooth enabled for hands-free calls
  • With phone casting or mirroring that supports working with the latest Android devices
  • Has built-in AM and FM radio tuner with RDS
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Sony XAV-AX1000: The Best Budget Option for Apple Users

Since this system is solely compatible with Apple CarPlay, it may not be great for Android fans. This middle-range system can feel a bit clunky because of its small screen. However, it comes at an affordable price.

  • It has a 6.2-inch touchscreen colour display.
  • Compatible with Apple CarPlay
  • Allows for voice control with Apple CarPlay that you can take your hands off your smartphone – Sony XAV-AX1000 allows everything to go by voice as what Siri and Google use.
  • With a USB port in the front
  • It has an impressive audio quality with four by 55-watts of extra bass and a ten-band equaliser to get great sound guaranteed to be fun.
  • It comes in a new stylish and modern design that has illuminated buttons.
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Sony XAV-AX3005 Premium Media Receiver: The Best For OK Google and Siri

Here is Sony’s next-generation multimedia system that is compatible with both Android Auto and Apple Car Play.

  • It allows for voice control with OK Google and Siri through Apple CarPlay.
  • It has a 6.95-inch quick activation touch screen display.
  • Allows people to listen to DAB Radio in the UK 
  • It has impressive audio quality because of the ten-band equaliser, extra bass, and 4 x 55 watts.
  • It can be easy to install because of its compact rear housing with a narrow and slim chassis to provide more cabling room.
  • It has a reversing camera that can connect to compatible models.
  • Enables for navigation with Android and Apple apps if you select your favourite, then connect
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The Best for Music Lovers: Kenwood DDX-4019DAB

Here is a great entry-level model that may probably be more of a radio than a sat nav.

  • Allows for BlueTooth hands-free calls
  • It has a 6-inch high-resolution touchscreen monitor.
  • Allows two phones to get paired at the same time
  • Enables audio streaming with advanced search and control functions
  • It has a digital radio receiver that comes with an uninterrupted and automatic switch.
  • Compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay
  • It can get connected to compatible rearview cameras.
  • Has the RDS high-performance tuner for LW, MW, and FM
  • With a DVD and CD drive as well as a rear USB port
  • It comes with the Kenwood remote app for extensive monitoring and control.
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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Tablets or Phones with Mapping Apps

Create your motorhome sat nav using your small tablet or mobile phone that you can use with a navigation app, mount on the dashboard, or make your passenger use it for navigation.

There are so many caravans and motorhome sat nav apps available. Whatever you choose can depend on trial and error, how you want your screen to display, and what options would be needed, and so on.


  • Always up to date
  • It can be the cheapest option for those who have a smartphone.
  • It is multi-purpose as you can use it with your bike or car.
  • It comes with reversing camera kits that you can use with your smartphone so that your dashboard will not have permanent screens.
  • Available for plug and play
  • Some mapping apps allow the size and weight configuration but do charge an annual fee.


  • It needs something to hold your tablet or phone. Since most have a car design, you may have to test some before finding the right one.
  • It has a generally small screen size that may be problematic for some.
  • Requires data from the mobile network and smartphone

Things You Need to Know About Motorhome Sat Navs and Reversing Cameras

Many retrospectively fitted multimedia systems and motorhome sat navs have boasted compatibility with the motorhome reversing camera. This feature is excellent, especially for people who do motorhome parking all over the cities or camping in the wild. With this, you can link it to what may already be available or allow your motorhome to have a new gadget.

These are the things that you need to know before you spend your money on a system that you expect to link to a reversing camera:

  • Whenever you have a reversing camera fitted on a vehicle manufactured in the EU or factory fitted, you may find that you did not use the universal jack connection. If that is the case, it can be difficult for you to link both of them. 
  • In case you plan to buy a reversing camera off-the-shelf that you want to link up yourself, you can get the supplied cable that is often around 19.69 to 22.97 feet long. If your vehicle is longer than 16.4 feet, you may not have sufficient cable to get from the rear to the dash when you need to account for cable routing.
  • If your current reversing camera has been fitted in the past decade or more, the connections at the dash end may likely be compatible.

Because of all these details, it would be better if you seek help from a specialist who can check out your set-up so they can have your motorhome sat nav linked to your reversing camera. It can make sure that you purchase a system that can work in a way that is compatible with your needs.

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