Category: Theory Training

Theory training in the UK is predominately tutored through the use of APPs. Google Play and The Apple Store, host many apps, some free and some paid that help with theory training.

Learner POD understands the importance of quality training that best serves the learner driver. The apps can be useful. Their learning potential, however, is limited to mock style questions and answers.

Audio Theory Training

The past decade has witnessed the decline of passes for the theory test. With the DVSA abolishing the ability to take the theory test in multiple languages, the decline of the first time pass has grown in recent years.

With the ability to take the theory test in audio – the resources for this service are limited online. Which in-turn, decreases the amount of learner drivers that are able to use this service.

Online Theory Training Course

Learner POD recognises this problem. Our comprehensive training programme helps learner drivers from all walks of life. With the use of a blog that can present information in any world language, and with the use of mock test videos covering the 14 topics on the theory training syllabus. Therefore, learning the theory test in audio is NOT a problem!

Our support group on Facebook gives motivation to all of our members. With the use of a community support group, our learner drivers are able to ask questions and post comments. With this, our learners are able to reach out and connect with fellow peers during their studies.

Not passing the theory test, for many learner drivers, means that they are no longer able to continue with their journey to getting their driving licence.

Learner POD wishes to help as many students as possible. With the use of our online courses, learner drivers can pass their theory test with ease. Our theory training programme is unique. Collectively throughout our free and paid online courses, our learner drivers have access to some of the best training materials around.

Using video as our flagship training material – our learner drivers are able to resonate with the theory syllabus in real-time. Which in-turn, improves their knowledge of the Highway Code in the process.