Learning to Drive in Spain

Learning to drive in Spain is a very different experience to that of the UK. The most noticeable difference is in Spain learners don’t have a provisional licence.


Learning to drive in Spain costs approximately 25 euros per hour and learner drivers are only permitted to learn with a driving instructor. Learners must have a medical check-up at an approved medical centre and have an eye test at an approved opticians prior to doing their theory test.


Theory training is classroom based and books and training aids are available from driving schools and can cost upto a hefty 300 euros. In the UK, you pay for each test attempt, in Spain you pay for three tests at once. Enabling you to have a few goes at each stage. However- if you pass the theory second time around you have to pay upfront again to partake in the practical exam.


The Spanish Highway code is known to be one of the most complex theory tests in the world. It plays a lot more emphasis on car maintenance, first aid and towing restrictions.

The practical exam is known to be more relaxed and is referred to as being more of a group excursion. Here in the UK, the examiner sits in the front passenger seat, but in Spain the instructor sits in the front of the car, and the examiner sits in the back of the car, often with other candidates in the back also. The candidate will drive for approximately half an hour and will perform one reversing exercise. Afterwards, they would swap seats with the other candidate and sit in the back whilst they take their exam. At the end of the test, the examiner gives the result to the driving instructor. On completion of passing a driving test in Spain, new drivers have to display green and white L plates in their rear window.


New drivers in Spain do have some driving restrictions, very similar to that of the UK. In the first year they are not permitted to drive faster than 80kph, and have a lower alcohol limit of 0.3g.

Anybody within the EU are permitted to drive in Spain, however all other countries are only permitted for 6 months.


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