About Us

LearnerPod was founded in 2013 by Rebecca Swan. Rebecca Swan is an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) and a self-employed journalist.

LearnerPod is a fresh new exciting company providing news information and training within the driver training industry. Initially targeting learner drivers and trainers, in time, Learner POD will branch out to all major driver training establishments providing and delivering core training, news and information to all relevant service seekers.

The core aims of the learner POD are: To deliver bespoke, original material encompassing news, digital media training videos and up-to-date information for driver training service seekers and trainers. Incorporating bespoke, tailor-made courses delivered via top instructors across the country to instil the best practices and customer care within the industry.

Our core market: The learner driver will undoubtedly recognise the importance of such standards when embarking on a course of tuition. Here at the Learner POD, we understand the pupil and the trainer-therefore our business footprint, solely relies upon these service fundamentals. Good quality tuition at a fair un-compromising price- delivered through a strategic action plan via top rated sourced instructors.

Our ethos is: “We don’t tell good instructors what to do, we support them in what they do.” Thus enabling the safe and efficient delivery of excellent tuition via a thoroughly researched business plan. Together with the LearnerPod training videos, driving manuals and other industry related news and information, LearnerPod is your one-stop shop for everything you need to become a safe methodical considerate driver.

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