Ballymena Theory Test Centre

Ballymena theory test centre is located in Ballymena, Northern Ireland. It is situated near the It is near the Adair Arms hotel. It is accessible to walk, drive or take the train here as it is located in the centre of Ballymena.

If you are commuting by train, there will be a road called Galgorm rd. Follow the road towards the centre.

Ballymena Theory Test Centre Address

Driving Theory Test Centre Address
Unit 2, 77 Wellington Street,
BT43 6AD

Telephone Number: 0300 200 1122


How To Get To Ballymena Theory Test Centre...

When travelling to your theory test appointment at Ballymena, you need to consider adding an additional 15 mins to your journey for best practice.

Here is some travel advice:

Walking: If you are walking, you will need to head towards Wellington Street. Near the street would be the Nobel Cafe. From there, the test centre would be near.

By Car: If you are travelling by car, you can choose from the numerous car parks near the theory test centre such as the Church Street car park and the Ballymoney Road Car Park.

By Train: If you are travelling by train, the train station is situated west of the Ballymena theory test centre. There is a street called Galgorm Rd. Head up that road and the theory test centre will be in the town centre.

Make sure you bring your provisional licence with you to your theory test appointment. Otherwise, you will not be able to sit for your theory exam.

Booking A Theory Test At Ballymena Theory Test Centre

To book your theory test you can visit the DVSA’s website here and book your theory test online 24/7. Alternatively, you can call the DVSA booking phone line 0300 200 1122. When booking your test be sure to:

  1. Have your driving licence information with you
  2. An email address to receive a booking confirmation
  3. Credit or debit card to pay for your theory test.

At the time of booking, you will be able to choose which theory test centre you would like to book your theory test at. For a full list of all theory test centres, please visit here.

The pass rate is 51.2% nationally, it is really important that you prepare for your theory test to give you the best chance of a first-time pass.

Other Nearby Theory Test Centres

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