Learn To Drive In Northampton

Learn to drive in Northampton

Learn to drive in Northampton will give you the edge when it comes to passing your driving test. Northampton town has grown in size since it’s original market town days. Although it is still a market town- the town prospers and flourishes for its manufacturing industry. Famous for its shoes – Northampton town also enjoys a hub of activity in many other areas of business.

“population of 250,000”

The town currently has a population of 250,000 residents – and this figure is fast growing with the housing boom the UK currently has post-recession. The town is one of the largest towns in Europe – and with this expansion comes road infrastructure and complex road layouts.

Northampton also hosts its own football team The Cobblers, and also The Saints Rugby team. These sporting attractions witness vast travelling supporters from away. Northampton town is bursting at the seams, more so, on match days in the Sixfields area of the town.

When it comes to how to learn to drive in Northampton, all learners will experience busy roads, dual carriageways and multi-lane roundabouts that adorn the busier parts of the area.

Northampton has a large mix of new and old roads. The nearer the town centre you travel, the roads become more narrow, there are lots more one-way roads, tiny terrace streets and complex crossroads.

All of which add to the flavour of a learner driver’s training programme. Although the town hasn’t officially been given ‘city’ status, the town’s road infrastructure and size certainly advance a learner’s road experience as if they were learning to drive in a city.

Driving Schools in Northampton

When it comes to learning to drive in Northampton, picking a driving school in Northampton will be a tricky challenge. The town has a vast array of driving schools to pick from. Some national schools, some regional schools and there are lots of independent schools to choose from.

Many learner drivers will ask friends for recommended instructors, some will simply search in Google. When it comes to picking your school: here is a quick guide.

  1. Are they reputable? Where did you find them?
  2. How long have they been in business?
  3. Have they been referred by a friend or have they lots of reviews online?
  4. What courses do they offer?
  5. Do they offer evening/weekend/holiday lessons?
  6. What offers does the school have?
  7. Do they travel to your postcode?
  8. What do ‘other’ training courses they provide?

Picking the correct school for you is the most important thing. Once you have chosen your school, it is advised that all ‘matters of business’ are discussed to determine the driving school’s terms and conditions; after all – you don’t want to get your finger burnt later on.

The more clarity you have from the off-set the better.

Theory Test Centre In Northampton

When it comes to your theory test, there is a theory test centre in Northampton. You can find this in the centre of the town. It is accessible by walking via Gold Street. The theory test centre is located at the following address:

Suite 201, Sol House

St Katherine’s Street

Northampton, NN1 2QZ

You will need to pass two exams to qualify a pass in your theory test. These are 43/50 for the multiple choice, and 44/75 for the hazard perception. For more information on passing your theory test, please visit the DVSA website.

When booking your theory test- it is advised to plan early and allow up to 4 weeks for an appointment. Sometimes you may be able to get an appointment sooner, but in most cases, they book 4 weeks in advance. You should be prompt on the day of your test and allow an extra 15 minutes earlier.

You will have approximately one hour to sit your exam. Your results will be given to you in an envelope when you leave.

Driving Test Centre Northampton

The driving test centre in Northampton is near the train station, which is about one mile from the town centre. Located in a business park- the centre car park is shared with other premise establishments. When booking your practical test it is advised to make sure you book in advance. Test waiting times in Northampton appear to be quite long – as much as 12 weeks waiting. Sometimes, you will be lucky to be able to get a late cancellation, but these go very quickly.

“Pass Rate: 50.3% 2016”

The town occupies a university, so during term-time, the waiting list increases due to the increased students in the town, and then again in the summer with returning students hoping to get their licence over the summer months. The driving test centre address can be found here:

Gladstone Business Centre

Gladstone Road



It is advised to not be late for your driving test appointment. You should allow 10 minutes prior to getting parked and be seated in the waiting room. Also, please do not turn up before 10 minutes, as previous test candidates are still returning from their driving test. The test centre management can issue warnings. This is standard procedure for most test centres.

Driving Test Routes In Northampton

There are about 10+ driving test routes in Northampton. 

When learning to drive, it is advised to have some guidance on certain routes within the town. Although the DVSA advises that all test candidates should be able to drive in whichever town they choose, it is important to have a varied training schedule, and unfortunately, not all towns have challenging or complex roundabouts and road layouts.

There are certain places in the town, where it would be advised to gain some experience on/in. These include:

  1. Sixfields roundabout- turning right in all directions
  2. Kings Heath roundabout – turning right towards test centre and towards Kingsthorpe
  3. Mereway roundabout
  4. St Peter’s Way roundabout
  5. Kingsthorpe crossroads (cock hotel)
  6. Harpole slip road
  7. Briar Hill exit slip-road
  8. St James bus lanes
  9. Church Brampton STOP junction
  10. London road towards Queen Eleanor
  11. Brackmills dual-carriageway
  12. Bedford road towards the town centre

These are a few places in which some familiarity will help you plan your understanding and journey.Be sure to seek the advice of your trainer when preparing for your exam. If you are learning to drive in Kettering be sure to check out our article.

Learning to drive in Northampton will help you to become a competent and a rounded learner driver, having experienced lots of road experience and road layouts. With anything to do with learning – your reasons have to be strong enough; and when they are, anything is possible because your motivation and commitment to learning will increase, they will improve and ultimately you will achieve your goals! Good luck on your driving journey! Raise your standards.

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